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Pencil with Eraser


Writer | Director | Actor |Theatre Maker

As Director, Educator, Artist and Storyteller, my spirit is intertwined with the very essence of theatre.


Leading the Boaty Theatre Company for over 10 years, I've championed young talent from the unassuming town of Ellesmere Port to perform on stages revered by Actors and Directors across the globe, including The Sheffield Crucible Theatre, The Quays Theatre at The Lowry (Salford) and The Dorfman Stage at National Theatre (London). 


My dedication to the creative arts extends to education, development and opportunity.  As such, I regularly run workshops across the UK (these have included workshop sessions for RSC and NT) in Performance, Creative Writing and Understanding Shakespeare.  I believe these workshops and masterclasses serve as forges where the fires of artistic passion are stoked and shaped.


Living with several heart conditions and autoimmune diseases, my journey has always had to be one of resilience; a testament to the power of the creative and production arts as a healing force for positive wellbeing.  My personal narrative often weaves its way through every performance, every workshop and every role., reminding me that our vulnerabilities are not limitations, but catalysts for creativity. 

With passion and determination, the show not only goes on — it thrives!

Why Do I Write?

This is a question I've been asked time and again - which is perfectly fine, by the way! - and I think the most honest answer I have to offer is that I write because I love to write.  


I love it more than anything.  


I love that feeling of getting lost in the words and the worlds you have the privilege of creating; of listening to the characters as they whisper their stories to you... letting them carry you forward along the river of creation.  It is simply magical.

I have always enjoyed the research aspect that goes hand-in-hand with writing anything, and am guilty indeed of becoming lost for hours - even days! - when it comes to researching and story planning.

I am particularly passionate about giving (and returning) a voice to those whose stories have previously been overlooked, neglected and eradicated.  I very much enjoy exploring the voices and stories of women that His-story has managed to keep hidden from us for millennia.  Similarly I am incredibly passionate about queer voices in history and literature.  I am very proud to be a walking, talking, 'here and queer' active member of the LGBTQI+ community and have always been keen to do all that I can to uncover and to drive queer stories forward into a more mainstream arena; to see more LGBTQI+ characters take a centre stage in their own stories rather than simply being the 'B' story or the 'unhappy fable'.  I long to and to make compelling, queer-centric, character-driven stories more accessible and universal for the kids like my younger self, who longed for such tales and characters.


Writers who really inspire me include Madeline Miller, Pat Barker, Jennifer Saint and Natalie Haynes, each of whom appear to share a desire that mirrors my own; to uncover and promote the untold story.  To give voice to the often glossed-over herstory that exists in so many ancient/classic texts.  

My shelves are filled with incredible, effervescent works of fiction (and non-fiction) brought to life so skilfully by these inspiring authors and I am thankful everyday for discovering them.


I also love reading Ben Kane’s sagas, shorts and stand-alones, as well as Jodi Taylor's St Mary's and Time Police series.  Both of these authors bring history to life in their own unique and incredible way!

I'm sure it won't surprise you to discover that I also enjoy many novelised adaptations of Shakespeare's plays by writers including David Hewitt and AJ Hartley and Howard Jacobson

To all of these Writers - some of whom I have had the joy of meeting, others whose words are the only means by which I know them - thank you for the lessons  you have taught me without ever knowing the part you have played.


The Books

(The Legacy Series; Book 1)

Originally published in 2012, Splintered is a psychological crime thriller that might make you think twice before booking a luxury cruise! 

Buy 'Splintered':

Amazon - ebook

Chalice Books - Paperback
Audible - Audiobook

Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be.

This novel revisits a number of Greek myths and epic poems whilst reviving the legends of the ancient Amazon queens and bringing them to life in an all-together new way.
All while weaving these characters and tales into one of William Shakespeare’s most-loved plays via the reimagining of young Hermia’s love interest as the female Amazon warrior, Lysandra.

An exhilarating, epic adventure and LGBTQ+ love story for the ages.

Coming soon!

Short Fiction on Amazon:
The Offering
Freedom and Opportunity

Red Theme


Forget Me Not

Bella Donna


Youth Plays:

A Christmas CANAL

The Nativity is Cancelled!


Flame of the Iceni

(TV series)


Writing CV & credits

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